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2 Hyenas Drag Kudu to the Death

This is the moment an injured kudu bull got its life taken away by 2 hungry hyenas.




The footage reveals just how tenacious hyenas can be when it comes to grabbing a nearby meal.

Stephan Greyvenstein was traveling in the Kruger National Park when he came across this sighting.

He spotted an injured kudu bull next to the road; “we don’t know how it got injured. Then suddenly, right out of the corner of our eyes, we spotted 2 hyenas. These hyenas saw the kudu and gave chase. They chased it right in front of the car before bringing it to the ground and starting to eat it alive.’

“While all of this was happening, my battery went flat and I, unfortunately, couldn’t finish filming the sighting. The time was running out for us to be out and about before the gates closed for the day, so we had to leave these hyenas to enjoy their meal alone.”


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