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Baby Bird Leaves Nest, Survives Hawk Attack, Gets Eaten by Crocodile

When destiny is out to get you…

An African harrier hawk was searching for a snack amongst the weaver nests when this baby weaver took to the water in a getaway attempt only to get snapped up into the jaws of a young crocodile.

Juan Geyser (38), told “I arrived at Sunset dam on the H4-1 and settled in to enjoy the sights and sounds.

I happened to notice that there was a hungry-looking hawk hanging around the weaver’s nests. He seemed to be in a hurry to tear the nest apart and gain a quick meal. I took my camera out hoping to capture some action and was not disappointed.

I watched in amazement as this little bird fled the nest in fear and landed on the water like a little bobbing rubber duck. What, at first, looked like an amazing escape only landed up being short-lived as a small crocodile was lurking about in the waters and happened to notice the weaver’s movements.


In the blink of an eye, the weaver was gone as the croc swallowed him whole.

I felt sorry for the bird but this was what we had come to see -wildlife in action.”

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