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Cheetah Kills Impala That It chased Into Car

Yusuf Hargovan (23 year old Law student) witnessed this amazing kill and told what occurred: ”We were on a family trip to the Kruger National Park and had heard about three male cheetahs lying on an ant hill near Transport Dam.

We decided to take a chance and go and look for them despite that others had said we wouldn’t be able to see them as they were laying down.

On arrival, we initially struggled to see them but then everything changed and they all stood up and started walking towards a group of impala. In an instance the chase began… the impalas ran into the thicket and we thought that was it. We drove down the road hoping we could see more of what was happening when suddenly my brother shouted that they were running towards our cars.

That’s when we saw the impala jumping into the side of the Toyota Fortuner behind us. The impala had knocked itself out and fell to the floor. We were so excited we were doing the whisper screams. I grabbed my phone and captured what followed.

The cheetah was so confused that his victim wasn’t running away but just lying there for him like a fast food takeaway. He slowly walked up to the impala looking around to see if he was being pranked. Hunger obviously kicked in and he swiftly killed the impala, dragging him to a nearby tree where he began his feast.

He was then joined by his brothers who also got to indulge in this easy meal.


We all couldn’t believe what we were seeing! This was a once in a lifetime sighting for anyone and it had played out not even 5m away from us. Absolutely amazing!”.

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