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Cheetah Mother Tries Saving Cub After Leopard Catches It

An extremely shocking sighting of an adult leopard stalking and catching a cheetah cub while its mother tries to protect it.   

This insane sighting was captured by tour agency, Safari Nest, while on a game drive on the S119, 400m from the S25 on Friday the 21st of January 2022, in the Kruger National Park. 

The Safari Nest Team tells the story: “Earlier in the morning we were at a leopard cub sighting. The leopard was in a tree and the cub leaped out of the tree and disappeared into the bushes. We decided to go for a drive to Gardenia hide along the S119 where we spotted three cheetahs walking in the riverbed towards the S25.” 

“It was very hot, and we decided to record a video of the cheetah walking down the riverbed with the two cubs playing. Suddenly, from the thickets of the brush, a leopard appeared charging through, injuring one of the cheetah cubs!” 

“The helpless cub was paralyzed from the impact and the relentless attack. The mother cheetah tried to rescue her cub and fight back, but she was no match for the leopard. The mother cheetah was chased into the bushes by the leopard, and she sat there keeping an eye on her little one.” 

“The leopard then left the cub in the blazing heat and went to rest in the bushes just behind the injured cub. The cub was exhausted and tried its hardest to get up and get away, but it was too badly injured. The leopard then re-appeared, stalked the cub and finally took it out of its misery as it dragged it into the bushes.” 

“The poor mother and the other cub did not go far, and they spent the whole afternoon trying to find the missing cub, the next morning the mother and cub were seen in the riverbed close to where the leopard killed the little one. 3 days after the cub was killed the mother and the other cub are still mourning their loss.” 


“In the beginning, this was just an ordinary sighting. Nobody saw the leopard and all our focus was on the cheetahs. When the leopard took down the cheetah cub we were amazed and shocked! Nobody could believe what they had just witnessed! This was the type of wildlife sighting you only see on T.V.” 

“This was the first time that we had ever witnessed a cheetah being killed by a leopard. Every sighting is special and unique so be prepared for anything at a sighting.” 

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