Dead Hippo Shoots at Lions

Watch the moment a hippo gets its last say against a pride of lions as it explodes right in the lion’s face!

This incredible footage was taken by law specialist, Heike Hochberger, while on her safari in South Luangwa. This year started off well for Heike when she managed to capture this unusual sighting.

Heike tells the story:

“Since 2016, I spend Christmas in South Luangwa, Zambia. In 2020, despite everything, I was lucky enough to be able to go there again, this time with a very good friend, who is also a guide.”

“I’ve done many game trips in the National Park. This year, however, everything was different. I had to wait 17 days to see the first lions! It was the morning of 06.01.2021, finally, lions!

As lions usually do during the day, they were just laying lazily at a lagoon. During the afternoon drive, Stephen and I had planned to visit the lions again. To our astonishment, there was now a dead hippo in the lagoon.”

“The lionesses were still at the edge of the water and did not really know what to do, because there were also crocodiles in the water. A lioness then made the start, a little later the male lion followed from the other side. By the end, the whole pride took their meal.”

“Halfway through the lions eating the hippo, the hippo suddenly let off a huge bursting sound, almost like a gunshot! Often when animals die, they become bloated and full of gas, it was now the lion’s eating that caused a puncture, allowing the gas to escape.

It was just indescribable and fascinating, and I think it was also unique to follow the whole situation.”


“Thanks to my friend, Stephen, we had the place with the best perspective. I’ve never seen anything like this before in all the years I’ve been on game drives there. You can’t plan something like that either, it’s just luck to be in the right place at the right time. Anyway, I can say that the South Luangwa National Park is once beautiful parks and definitely worth a visit.”

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