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Elephants Protect Babies From Wild Dogs

As you’ve probably seen many times on our playlist, mothers in the wild will go to all ends to protect their young. Elephants are the epitome of this phenomenon.

This is the moment a herd of elephants come together to form a shield around the babies of the herd to protect them from a pack of wild dogs.

This incredible sighting was streamed in real time on SafariLive to thousands of people around the world. SafariLive streams game drives from Djuma, Sabi Sands, Greater Kruger Park in South Africa. This sighting allowed thousands to witness just how protective elephants are when it comes to their babies.

The video starts off with Brent Leo-Smith following a pack of wild dogs. The wild dogs were moving along the road as they found themselves head on with a herd of elephants.

The elephants sound the alarm, as they have several calves in the herd. Rushing to surround the calves, the elephants create a circle and face down the dogs.

Elephants are known to hate predators, no matter if there is a threat or not, and were really not happy about these wild dogs being in their space.

The elephants were most certainly upset by the canine predators but Leo-Smith says that he’s never heard of wild dogs attacking elephants. But the elephants aren’t taking any chances.


Fortunately, the situation seemed to resolve itself when the wild dogs ran in the opposite direction, clearly reluctant to take on the world’s largest land mammals.

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