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First Sight of a Wild Dog Den at Kruger

Corne Louw had the privilege of witnessing these wild dog pups pop out to say “Hi” to passers by.

There was a group of wild dogs sleeping under a tree about 20-30 meter from the den where all the other cars were parked, but Corne kept his distance and parked next to the road not knowing that his car was right next to their den.

After sitting there for 30 minutes, Corne was hoping to see the wild dogs that where still sleeping.

Finally one wild dog came out of the bushes towards the car. She starting pacing up and down looking very aggressively at the cars. Corne though that she was trying to cross the road, but couldn’t because of all the cars blocking the road. The next moment as she came closer to the car, 3 wild dog pups ran out of the den towards her but she immediately chased them back in the den to protect them.

This was a lucky sighting as there were only 1 or 2 other cars able to see them.

All the other cars that was easily 10 – 15 cars was still looking at the rest of the pack that was sleeping under a tree that u could have barely seen due to the long grass, not knowing about the den and what Corne had just seen.

Corne felt extremely lucky to see them for about 30 seconds. He then returned every day hoping to see them again but unfortunately wasn’t so lucky.

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