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Lion parades around with GoPro




Christof Schoeman has the tradition of putting GoPros down in the bush, to see what cool sightings he can capture. He has filmed almost all of the different types of species interacting with the camera as they walk past it, leopard, lion, elephant, you name it!

Christof (30 year old, Professional Field Guide) decided to place his GoPro strategically in the middle of a frequented trail towards a watering hole in hope that a lion would discover it and take it on a joyride, and he was certainly not left disappointed…

Christof told the story around this incredible piece of footage:

“Early one morning, the lionesses were following a well-used game path towards a favourite waterhole. I decided to go ahead of them and place the GoPro down on the game path hoping for the best! True to her nature this lioness curiously walked over to the camera and picked it up between her powerful jaws.

I couldn’t contain my excitement when she grabbed the GoPro and just thought about how awesome the footage was going to be!

The lioness preceded to walk around with it for about 6 minutes and then both her and her sister started playing with it. They eventually lost interest which is how I was able to retrieve the camera back filled with lion saliva.

The easiest way to get up close footage like this is to guess where the animal might wander around and dot the camera down right there. Most of the time it happens that the animal will choose another path but sometimes your luck is in! With this particular sighting, I wouldn’t have done anything differently for the simple reason that this footage gave me a spectacular close up view of one of Greater Kruger’s best predator.

Although the lioness didn’t decide to eat or break the camera, the Gopro was full of scratches from the sharp canines of the lioness”.


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