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Half an Impala Tries Escaping Hyena

Impalas might be common in the Kruger Park, but they are true fighters! This isn’t our first video of an impala fighting back with half its body hanging out.

Sune Eloff caught this amazing footage on the 12th of March 2019, along the Gomondwane Loop near the Lower Sabie camp located in the Kruger National Park.

As the video begins, Sune was able to catch a glimpse of the hyena having just caught the male Impala and bringing it down into the long grass to feed on.

Meanwhile, a young leopard follows close in its tracks but keeps a safe distance and watches as the scene unfolds, waiting for a bite the moment an opportunity presents itself.

The hyena slowly tears off the meat from the impala’s stomach and starts eating, even as the poor animal strains it’s head and tries to lift himself up and get away. Spying on the struggle, the leopard still only watches from a distance.

The impala, for his sake, tries the utmost to get away, and putting up an enormous effort, it lifts itself up in order to escape, even with his lower half completely torn open and half his insides hanging out.


Sadly for the impala, the hyena didn’t have any trouble keeping up with the impala. After the hyena felt satisfied with the meal, eventually, the leopard circling the two made its way over to feed off the leftovers, but only once the hyena moved to a safe distance away.

This video proves that impalas are fighters!

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