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Hawk Rips Head off Baby Bird

This is the moment an African Harrier Hawk was caught raiding a weaver’s nest to steal one of the chicks as an easy meal.

Juan Geyser was on holiday in the Kruger National Park with his wife when he captured this incredible sighting.

Juan was sitting at a place called Sunset dam, just outside Lower Sabie, when all the action happened before his eyes.

Weavers like to build their nests over water, as it is a great way of keeping snakes away from their chicks, but it seems that the defense doesn’t work very well against birds of prey.

The video starts out with the hawk grabbing hold of the one nest, and it slowly starts to pull the twigs out of the nest as it rips it apart.

The hawk continues to do this until we see a big hole forming on the side of the nest.

As soon as the hole starts to get big enough, we see a little bird flapping its wings. The hawk doesn’t hesitate and immediately pulls the baby bird out its home and takes it to a nearby branch.


Just like the hawk pulled all the twigs out from the next, the hawk does the same with the chick’s feathers. One by one the hawk pulls the bird’s feathers.

Suddenly, the hawk decides it’s enough and that he is hungry and proceeds to effortlessly pull the bird’s head right off its little body. The hawk swallows the head and finishes eating the bird before flying away.

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