Leopard Gives Baby Wildebeest the Fright of its Life!

Watch this unusual sighting of a confused leopard waiting and watching a baby wildebeest. The weak and lone baby did not stand a chance against this successful hunter who successfully brings down the baby and takes the food back to her 3-month-old cub.

This unique sighting of this leopard watching, and eventually catching, a wildebeest calf was captured by 36-year-old Tour Guide/Musician, Francis Kijazi, while on safari with a client in Kusini, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania.

Francis tells the story: “I spotted a leopard in the tree about 500 yards from the road, we followed it and were taking pictures for about 40 minutes. The weak and dehydrated baby wildebeest that possibly lost its mom during the migration chaos walked past the tree, he stopped moving to conserve energy.”

“The leopard spotted the baby and climbed down the tree. The leopard crept up behind the baby and watched it for about 5 minutes – it was very confused with both the presence and behaviour of the baby.”

“Inevitably, the leopard brought down the baby wildebeest, chocked it and then dragged it to a nearby bush under an acacia tree where her 3-month-old cub was resting.”


“The sighting made me feel excited, anxious and curious – it was sad because it wasn’t a fair game but I wanted to see the end of it with the leopard being victorious.”

“In my 11 years of guiding I have only seen 5 leopards, this was a very rare sighting and the events playing out in such an open and visible area made it even more special!”

Francis says “in order to capture an incredible sighting, it is important to calm the nerves down, stop talking or making any unexpected sudden noise that may spook the animal and try to take in every single moment of it.”

“You can follow Francis on Instagram (@chabaporini) for more Wildlife updates and videos”

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