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Mongooses Tear Baby Hare Apart

Mongooses Tear Baby Hare Apart

This heartbreaking scene plays out as mongooses take turns tearing a baby hare apart – showing no mercy to the little one. This sighting took place on Mala Mala Game Reserve in the Greater Kruger.

Mongooses Tear Baby Hare Apart
Dwarf mongoose in Greater Kruger

Dwarf mongooses are gregarious animals living in family groups and adhere to a hierarchy. The alpha male and female are generally in charge, but this varies from circumstance to habitat to food resources. These creatures generally eat snakes, eggs, and insects and may eat rodents – but are not known to attack animals bigger than themselves. That in itself makes this sighting so much more special as these mongooses took turns in tearing a baby hare apart.

To witness as mongooses tear a baby hare apart

29-Year-old conservation officer and field guide, Gareth Nuttall-Smith shared this sighting and story with

Mongooses Tear Baby Hare Apart
Scrub hare and dwarf mongoose on Mala Mala Game Reserve

“The wild seems to be producing things when you least expect it.”

“My colleague Bushi and I were checking the reserve for fire-break readiness and came across a group of mongoose on the road. As we stopped they scattered and I noticed the injured scrub hare and grabbed my camera – as I never go anywhere without it.”

Mongooses Tear Baby Hare Apart
Dwarf mongoose attacking scrub hare

“It looked as if though the dominant mongoose was the only one attacking the scrub hare at this point and once he/she had their share, the next most dominant one had their turn. It took quite a long time for the hare to die – the whole scene probably took place over 30 minutes.”


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“A couple of mongooses then pulled the scrub hare into the grass and out of sight and as we also lost visual, we moved off. This was a very strange and rare sighting for me. I have been at Mala Mala for 4 years and have never experienced anything like this. What was strange to me though was that the mongooses took turns in attacking the hare. I half expected them to gang up on it like wild dogs.”

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