Wild Dogs Eat Bushbuck Alive as it Fights Back

This is the dramatic moment a bushbuck puts forward all it can to literally fight for its life!

This heart-wrenching sighting was captured by Jacques Proust, while on a photographic safari at MalaMala Game Reserve, located within the Sabi Sands, Greater Kruger Park.

Jacques tells the story:
“I was conducting a photographic safari, and, on this particular drive, we were looking for small things to photograph when we approached this small waterhole in the central part of the reserve. We found a Hooded Vulture perched on a dead Knob-Thorn Tree, and decided we would try and photograph it.”

“I switched off the vehicle and we sat waiting for it to fly. With cameras at the ready, and the vulture testing our patience – I noticed an animal standing not more than 40 meters away in a small tributary that feeds into the Sand River.”

“To my absolute amazement, it was a wild dog! I couldn’t believe our luck. We put down our cameras and I started up the car and approached the animal. As I slowly approached, I noticed that it was quite inquisitive. We looked in the thickets and noticed a male bushbuck standing there. I knew this would be a tough antelope to bring down for one wild dog.”

“Suddenly, out of nowhere, a second and then a third wild dog approached.”

“A peaceful wait for the vulture to fly turned into a fierce battle between the wild dogs and a brave bushbuck.”

“The bushbuck put up quite the fight but it was inevitably consumed by the wild dogs. It was an incredible sighting, even though extremely gruesome. The tactics displayed by the wild dogs were amazing to watch, as well as the fight in the male bushbuck.”


“A sighting like this is extremely hard to watch, but, I’m definitely glad I was there to witness it.”

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