Wildebeest Escapes Twice From Distracted Lions

The moment a herd of wildebeest unknowingly ran straight into a pride of lions was captured by 43-year-old Safari Guide for Nombekana Safaris, Rodney Nombekana, while on Safari with his clients in the Pilanesberg Game Reserve.

Rodney tells the story: “It was a beautiful day in the reserve but it was very quiet so I decided to go and look for Morwa the leopard.”

“His Territory was around Sefara and Tlou drive and all the way up to Lenong pass”

“I had clients with me from Hong Kong and they were excited to see a leopard. We tried to find one but we had no luck”.

“On our way back I decided to go to Sable pan and relax and see what animals might come for a drink. While we were watching the Wildebeest and Zebra quench their thirst, I picked up a leopard sighting on the dam wall – it was Morwa stalking the game. He stalked and eventually chased the wildebeests at the pan towards our direction. We were parked at the viewpoint and I knew the game would cross on Sefara so I quickly drove out of the view point, when all of a sudden we spotted lions coming from the direction the game was running to.”

“It was the perfect opportunity for the lions to ambush as the game were only aware of the leopard. It all happened so quickly, the wildebeests ran straight into the lions and the lions caught 2 of the young wildebeests. The wildebeests put up quite a fight but unfortunately for them, the sighting ended with the lions having a great feast”.


“Unfortunately for Morwa, he had to give up the chase”.

“It was an exciting and overwhelming moment that felt like a scene from a movie!”

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