• You (the contributor) confirm that you have the necessary rights to the media being uploaded, and to use it in the Latest Sightings’ Film and Earn Program.
  • You will continue to own the copyright.
  • Based on where we accept your video to be published, you are giving Latest Sightings the exclusive right to monetize and sublicense the media in whole or in part or a non-exclusive license.
  • We have online platforms that are no monetized, by uploading your footage you are giving us permission to utilize your footage on those platforms. Where possible we will tag your platforms/pages to give you exposure. Should these platforms become monetized in the future and your footage earns any Direct Income we will ensure you receive the earnings.
  • You will earn 40% of direct revenue ex VAT earned from the media. We pay you your share within 30 days after we have received payment.
  • We pay out once your total is more than R500.

Full terms can be found by clicking here.

    Review Process

  • The Film and Earn footage is reviewed once a week – once we have done a review the contributors will receive feedback on the outcome of their footage.
  • If we do not receive the footage the contributor will receive an email asking to resubmit.

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